Class VII

Which one of the following statement is INCORRECT ? 
  1. When air gets heated, it expands . 
  2. When air gets cooled, it contracts . 
  3. The warm air is heavier than cold air . 
  4. Air moves from high pressure region to low pressure region . 
Natural disaster can not be predictor as
  1. It is controlled by God
  2. It do not indicate any change
  3. It is slow occurring
  4. It occurs suddenly
During floods boiled water should be used to
  1. Prevent the fowl smell
  2. Prevent misuse of drinking water
  3. Prevent water born disease
  4. Kill the aquatic organism
What is the name given to the wind blowing from sea to land ? 
  1. Thunderstorm 
  2. Land breeze 
  3. Sea breeze 
  4. Cyclone 
Equator is a region of _ pressure while poles are regions of _ pressure . 
  1. high, low 
  2. low, high 
  3. low, low 
  4. high, high 
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