Class VII

Naturally occurring things by which benefits can be made are called
  1. natural decomposer
  2. natural outcomes
  3. natural resources
  4. natural earners
If number of births are equal to number of deaths then the
  1. areas become less denser
  2. population unchanged
  3. population increases
  4. population decreases
Example of natural resource is
  1. fossils
  2. dams
  3. historical places
  4. water
If population density of particular area exceeds 200 then area is said to be
  1. densely populated
  2. moderately populated
  3. sparsely populated
  4. aggressively populated
Considering population pyramid, left hand side of pyramid is used to show
  1. female population
  2. male population
  3. birth rate
  4. mortality rate
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