Class VIII

Mohan was sitting in his drawing room watching television. Suddenly his television wires caught fire but to get rid off this fire he shoud not use :
  1. Soil
  2. Sand
  3. Both water & soil
  4. Water
Sunlight is _________natural resource
  1. Inexhaustible
  2. Exhaustible
  3. Both (a) & (b)
  4. None of these
The characteristic of coal is
  1. Tugh
  2. Black in colour
  3. Porous
  4. All of these
The resources present unlimited quantity in nature and can be used over and over again are known as _ 
  1. Gases 
  2. Fuels 
  3. Renewable Resources 
  4. Energy 
Dead organisms are transformed into petroleum & natural gas in
  1. Absence of air
  2. Presence of air
  3. Presence of sun light
  4. None of these
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