Class VIII

Choose the correct match.
  1. Bandipur - Karnataka
  2. Gir - Rajasthan
  3. Corbett National Park - Uttar Pradesh
  4. Sariska National Park - Gujarat
The species found exclusively in a given area are called ________ species.
  1. Endangered 
  2. Critical
  3. Critically endangered
  4. Endemic
An ________is made of all the plants, animals and micro-organisms in an area along with non-living components such as climate,soil and river deltas etc.
  1. Ecosystem
  2. Eco-power
  3. Eco-friendly
  4. None of these
First Reserve Forest of India is
  1. Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Satpura National Park
  3. Pachmarhi National Park
  4. Gir Forests
Which of the following contain records of endangered plants and animals?
  1. Red List Book
  2. Red Data Book
  3. Endangered List Book
  4. Red Data Record
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