Class VIII

A block is sliding on a horizontal surface. The friction can be increased by ...
  1. decreasing the mass of the block.
  2. decreasing the area of contact with surface
  3. by polishing the surface.
  4. by putting second block on the top.
Which one of these characteristics does a smooth surface has?
  1. Less frictional force
  2. More frictional force
  3. Sometimes less and sometimes more force
  4. All of above
Friction is a
  1. Contact force
  2. Non-contact force
  3. Magnetic force
  4. None of these
On what force of friction depends?
  1. Smoothness of surface
  2. Roughness of surface
  3. Inclination of surface
  4. All of these
On which of the following toy car will travel the farthest?
  1. Wet marble floor
  2. Dry marble floor
  3. Newspaper
  4. Carpet
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