Class VIII

The fusion of male and female gametes that takes place outside the body of the female is called ... 
  1. Internal fertilization 
  2. Fertilization 
  3. External fertilization 
  4. Reproduction 
Which of the following takes place at late 40 s in females?
  1. Menopause
  2. Menstrution
  3. Ovulation
  4. None of these
Animals that lay eggs are called
  1. Viviparous
  2. Oviparous
  3. Oviviviparous
  4. None of these
______ is the part of female reproductive system where development of baby takes place.
  1. Uterus
  2. Oviduct
  3. Fallopian tube
  4. Ovary
How many eggs are released by female reproductive system every month?
  1. One by each ovary.
  2. One by either of the ovaries.
  3. Two by each ovary.
  4. Two by either of the ovaries.
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