Class VIII

Iron-rich igneous rock includes
  1. granite
  2. obsidian
  3. basalt
  4. all of them
A which is mainly composed of fossils cemented by calcium carbonate is
  1. Shelly limestone
  2. chalk
  3. oolitic limestone
  4. all of them
Metamorphic rocks become magma on melting at high
  1. temperatures
  2. pressures
  3. densities
  4. energies
Continual process in which a rock is changed in to an another rock is called
  1. rock cycle
  2. rock sedimentation
  3. sorting of rocks
  4. accumulation of rocks
A stone which is used to sooth skin is glassy volcanic rock formed from lava froth is
  1. obsidian
  2. pumice
  3. basalt
  4. granite
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