Class VIII

Which topsoil is best suited for growing plants 
  1. Sandy soil 
  2. Loamy soil 
  3. Clayey Soil 
  4. None of these 
Which of the following is found in more amount in B-horizon as compared to A-horizon?
  1. Humus
  2. Minerals
  3. Water
  4. All of these
How plastics pollute the soil?
  1. They kill living organisms in the soil.
  2. They reduce fertility of the soil.
  3. They reduce uproot the plants. 
  4. Both 1 and 2
Toys, pots, and statues are made up of which soil type ? 
  1. Sandy Soil 
  2. Clayey Soil 
  3. Loamy Soil 
  4. None of these 
Which type of soil is deposited by rivers of North India?
  1. Black soil
  2. Alluvial soil
  3. Sandy soil
  4. Clayey soil
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