Class VIII

Toys, pots, and statues are made up of which soil type ? 
  1. Sandy Soil 
  2. Clayey Soil 
  3. Loamy Soil 
  4. None of these 
Which of the following soil type is not suitable for growing gram and wheat?
  1. Clayey soil
  2. Loamy soil
  3. Sandy soil
  4. Both 2 and 3
Soil containing greater proportion of big particles is
  1. Sandy soil
  2. Clayey soil
  3. Loamy soil
  4. Alluvial soil
In addition to the rock particles, the soil contains 
  1. Air and water 
  2. Water and plants 
  3. Minerals, organic matter, air and water 
  4. Water, air and plants 
The Removal of land surfaceby water, wind and ice is called___?
  1. Soil erosion
  2. Soil moisture
  3. Humus
  4. None of these
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