Class X

Which of the following gases can be used for storage of fresh sampel of an oil for a long time?
  1. Carbon dioxide or oxygen
  2. Nitrogen or helium
  3. Helium or oxygen
  4. Nitrogen or oxygen
Dilute hydrochloric acid is added to granulated zinc taken in a test tube. The following observations are recorded. Point out the correct observation.
  1. The surface of metal becomes shining
  2. The reaction mixture turns milky
  3. Odour of a pungent smelling gas is recorded
  4. A colourless and odourless gas is evolved
Chemically rust is
  1. hydrated ferrous oxide
  2. only ferric oxide
  3. hydrated ferric oxide
  4. None of these
Rancidity can be prevented by
  1. adding antioxidants
  2. storing food away from light
  3. keeping food in refrigerator
  4. all of these
The chemical formula of lead sulphate is
  1. Pb2SO4
  2. Pb(SO4)2
  3. PbSO4
  4. Pb2(SO4)3
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