Class X

What is f if you have an object 2.0 m from the concave mirror, and the image is 4.0 m from the mirror
  1. 2.0m
  2. 0,67 m
  3. 1.3 m
  4. 4.0 m
Which type of mirror produces an image that is always erect, always the same height as the object, and always virtual?
  1. . convex
  2. concave
  3. plane
  4. none of these
How does light normally travel?
  1. in concentric circles
  2. in a straight line
  3. always toward a dark area
  4. in a curved line
The line perpendicular to the reflective surface is the __________.
  1. normal
  2. . line of refraction
  3. line of incidence
  4. line of reflection
In a concave mirror, an object placed __________ will result in a virtual image
  1. . twice the distance of the focal point
  2. between the focal point and mirror
  3. between the focal point and twice the distance of the focal point
  4. past the focal point
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