Class X

They built that skyscraper in 1934. That skyscraper________in 1934.
  1. has built
  2. had been built
  3. was built
  4. were built
The students will finish the course by July. The course_______by July.
  1. finished
  2. shall finished
  3. had been finished
  4. will be finished
Did the plan interest you? ________in the plan?
  1. you are interested
  2. are you interested
  3. were you interested
  4. was you interested
They are repairing the streets this month. The streets _______this month.
  1. are repaired
  2. are being repaired
  3. are being repairing
  4. being repairing
They make shoes in that factory. Shoes_______ in that factory.
  1. are made
  2. is made
  3. will make
  4. are make
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