Class X

Egg and male gamates fuse together to develop into an embryo and endosperm nucleus by process
  1. Conjugation
  2. Fertilization
  3. Double fertilizartion
  4. Tripple fertilization
 Larval epidermis is produced by
  1. Clear cytoplasm
  2. Yellow cytoplasm
  3. Gray vegetal cytoplasm
  4. Brown cytoplasm
Blastula stage is characterized by presence of
  1. Blastoderm
  2. Blastocoele
  3. Neural plate
  4. Coelom
 Mesoderm is derived from wall of developing gut (archentron) in series
  1. Deutrostomia
  2. Pterostomia
  3. Protrostomia
  4. Pretostomia
In rats, ability to withstand any stress situation such as cold is diminished if
  1. Adrenal cortex is removed
  2. Adrenal medulla is removed
  3. Cortex is removed
  4. Medulla is removed
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