Class X

In half-wave rectification, during negative cycle of wave, diode is
  1. Reverse biased
  2. Forward biased
  3. Potential barrier
  4. Both a and b
"Candela", according to system international is a
  1. Base unit
  2. Derived unit
  3. Supplementary unit
  4. International unit
Operation of drawing representative line between two vectors in such a way that tail of one vector coincides with head of other vector is called
  1. Vector addition
  2. Vector subtraction
  3. Vector division
  4. Vector multiplication
Torque of couple is given by ILB × a, in which a is a/an
  1. Momentum
  2. Moment arm
  3. Arm
  4. Moment of inertia
Geo-stationary satellites are useful examples of
  1. Satellite motion
  2. Satellite motion
  3. Satellite gravity
  4. Satellites
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