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In a weather map, lines joining all those regions with same atmospheric pressure are called
  1. Bars
  2. Millibars
  3. Isobars
  4. None of above
Which of following is not a longitudinal wave?
  1. Ultrasonic wave
  2. Infrasonic wave
  3. Infrared wave
  4. Seismic wave
Ups and downs in longitudinal waves are termed as
  1. Compression and rarefaction
  2. Crests and rarefactions
  3. Compressions and troughs
  4. Crests and troughs
According to kinetic molecular model, in liquids,
  1. Particles are closely packed together, they occupy minimum space and are usually arranged in a regular pattern
  2. Particles occur in clusters with molecules slightly further apart
  3. Molecules are very far apart and occupy all space made available to them
  4. Movement of particles is high speed and random
 Intermolecular forces can be defined as
  1. Force between two solids
  2. Force between two substances
  3. Force between two atoms or molecules
  4. Force between liquid and gas
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