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 Transmission cycle of cholera can be broken by
  1. Treating with medications
  2. By destroying small intestine lining were cholera virus grows
  3. By boiling all vegetables and fruits before consuming
  4. Chlorination of water
Males have one X and one Y chromosome,
  1. X is bigger than Y
  2. Y is bigger then X
  3. Both chromosomes are of same size
  4. Y has some portions missing and therefore, smaller than X
During day, stomata
  1. Remains open
  2. Remains close
  3. Depends upon light intensity
  4. Depends upon root pressure
Specific thing for a particular type of molecule or ion is called as
  1. Enzyme
  2. Carrier proteins
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of above
 Well organized transport system needs a
  1. Large surface area compared to total volume
  2. Are found in most of jellyfish and sea anemones
  3. Need pump to keep fluid moving through them
  4. May rapidly develop carcinogens
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