Class X

Storage polysaccharide in plants is
  1. Starch
  2. Glycogen
  3. Cellulose
  4. Peptide
 Young leaves and seeds have especially high concentrations of
  1. Gibberellins
  2. Auxins
  3. Abscisic acid
  4. Cytokinins
 Which option is correct? Water
  1. Leaves phloem vessels to replace water lost in transpiration
  2. Leaves xylem vessels through lignified areas
  3. Leaves xylem vessels through non-lignified areas
  4. None of above
 Well organized transport system needs a
  1. Large surface area compared to total volume
  2. Are found in most of jellyfish and sea anemones
  3. Need pump to keep fluid moving through them
  4. May rapidly develop carcinogens
 Plants respond to changes like
  1. Grazing of animals
  2. Fungal infections
  3. Bacterial infections
  4. All of above
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