Class X

A stamen consists of two parts namely:
  1. Anther and style
  2. Anther and filament
  3. Stigma and style
  4. Filament and style
A bisexual flower contains
  1. Stamens only
  2. Carpels only
  3. Either stamens or carpels
  4. Both stamens and carpels
Binary fission in some organisms occurs in definite orientation in relation to the cell structures. One such organisms is:
  1. Leishmania
  2. Plasmodium
  3. Amoeba
  4. Bacteria
Which of the flower ripens to form a fruit?
  1. Ovule
  2. Ovary
  3. Carpel
  4. Egg cell
The embryo gets nutrition from the mother’s blood with the help of a special tissue called:
  1. zygote
  2. uterus only
  3. placenta
  4. none of these
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