Class X

Angle of incidence in optically denser medium for which angle of refraction in less dense medium is 90° is termed as
  1. Normal angle
  2. Covalent angle
  3. Critical angle
  4. Internal angle
Change of liquid in to gas without boiling is called
  1. Vaporization
  2. Sublimation
  3. Boiling
  4. Evaporation
 If we put some water in a pot and put it over Bunsen burner, thermal energy supplied to water would lead to a gain in
  1. External Energy
  2. Internal energy
  3. Chemical energy
  4. Physical energy
 Photon of electromagnetic radiation is
  1. α ray
  2. β ray
  3. γ ray
  4. x-ray
Point where all weight of object acts is called
  1. Central point
  2. Center of gravity
  3. Edge
  4. Center of mass
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