Class X

Raw materials for production of urea are
  1. ammonia and carbon dioxide
  2. oxygen and carbon dioxide
  3. ammonia and oxygen
  4. ammonia and phosphate
When diluting acid always add
  1. water to acid
  2. acid to water
  3. can be both ways
  4. acid cannot be diluted
Crude oil is converted in to useful products by
  1. drilling
  2. Solvay process
  3. roasting
  4. refining
State at which forward and reverse reactions occur at same rate is
  1. equilibrium
  2. unstable equilibrium
  3. not in equilibrium
  4. neutral equilibrium
Rate at which reaction proceeds is directly related to
  1. active masses of reactants
  2. sum of active masses of reactants
  3. product of active masses of reactants
  4. ratio of active masses of reactants
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