Class X

When force is applied on an object but object does not move, it means that
  1. No power is used
  2. A no work is done
  3. Work is done
  4. Power is used
Movement of particles in liquids and gases is observed as
  1. Bruneian motion
  2. Brownian motion
  3. Blackian motion
  4. Randomium motion
As resistance of an electrical wire at ice point is 1.5 Ω and 101.5 Ω at steam point, and resistance of wire is 9 Ω room temperature would be
  1. 2.5 °C
  2. 6 °C
  3. 7.5 °C
  4. 11 °C
 Pascal is not used in terms of
  1. Atmospheric pressure
  2. Pressure in liquids
  3. Pressure in solids
  4. Any kind of pressure
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