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One oscillation completes when bob moves from
  1. A to B
  2. A to B and then again
  3. A to B and then in center
  4. A to B and then back to A
Force due to pull of gravity is called
  1. Weight
  2. Force
  3. Mass
  4. Tension
As volume is inversely proportional to pressure, we can conclude that
  1. p1V2 = p2V1
  2. p2/V2 = p1V1
  3. p1V1 = p2V2
  4. p1V1 = p2/V2
As collision of particles in liquids and gases is lesser, so flow of kinetic energy would be
  1. Faster
  2. Slower
  3. Normal
  4. Zero
 Power is defined as
  1. Time taken per joule
  2. Work done or energy converted per distance
  3. Work done or energy converted per unit time
  4. Distance covered per unit work done
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