Class X

Electric potential difference between points in an electric circuit is the ______ _______ to move a unit charge from one point to other. i.e. 1V = ____/1C.
  1. current.
  2. work done, 1J(1 Joule)
  3. Ohm-meter (Ωm)
  4. sum, R = R1 + R2 + R3 + ...
A voltmeter is used to measure
  1. potential difference
  2. electric current
  3. electric power
  4. resistance
 While performing the experiment to study the dependence of current on potential difference ,if the circuit used to measure the current and voltage is kept in on position for a longer time ,then
  1. Voltmeter reading will change
  2. Ammeter reading will change
  3. The resistor will get heated up changing the value of ?R?
  4. All of the above
A galvanometer is used to
  1. measure potential difference
  2. detect direction of current
  3. measure amount of current flowing
  4. measure electric power of the circuit
The SI unit of electric charge is __________
  1. volts (V)
  2. ampere (A)
  3. coulomb (C)
  4. tesla (T)
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