Class X

On which of the following no “plus” or “minus” sign is marked
  1. a battery
  2. an ammeter
  3. a voltameter
  4. a resistor
The electric power is the product of __________ and the __________.
  1. potential difference, current
  2. work done, 1J(1 Joule)
  3. Ohm-meter (Ωm)
  4. watt (W
A galvanometer is used to
  1. measure potential difference
  2. detect direction of current
  3. measure amount of current flowing
  4. measure electric power of the circuit
The resistance of a conductor is directly proportional to its _____.
  1. 18 Ω
  2. Ohm-meter (Ωm)
  3. work done, 1J(1 Joule)
  4. length
: Two charged bodies having equal potential are connected through a conducting wire, in this case
  1. current will flow
  2. current will not flow
  3. cannot say
  4. current will flow if a resistor is also connected
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