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Heat refers to
  1. How hot or cold an object is
  2. Transference of amount of thermal energy
  3. Temperature due to pressure
  4. Pressure due to heat
Waves that travel in a direction perpendicular to direction of vibration are known as
  1. Transverse waves
  2. Longitudinal waves
  3. Sound waves
  4. None of above
Soldering iron rod is made up of iron because iron is a
  1. Good conductor of heat
  2. Good insulator of heat
  3. Bad conductor of heat
  4. Good conductor of electricity
Solar energy is converted by plants in process of photosynthesis into
  1. Chemical Potential Energy
  2. Elastic Potential Energy
  3. Gravitational Potential Energy
  4. Kinetic energy
Direction of waves is parallel to distance of vibration in
  1. Transverse waves
  2. Longitudinal waves
  3. Both transverse and longitudinal waves
  4. None of waves
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