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Possessive pronoun in sentence "When my mom did shopping, at that time, we spent our time in cafeteria." is
  1. my
  2. our
  3. we
  4. in
Plural subjective pronoun in sentence "They will have a party all of their friends are invited." is
  1. they
  2. their
  3. have
  4. of
Plural subject pronoun in sentence "Although we fought most valiantly, but we were defeated." is
  1. were
  2. we
  3. although
  4. most
Singular subject pronoun in sentences "I like to walk in rain for hours always change my mood and thinking because no one can see my tears." is
  1. my
  2. I
  3. no one
  4. can
Emphatic pronoun in sentence "You yourself will be responsible for this decision." is you
  1. you
  2. be
  3. will
  4. yourself
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