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Possessive pronoun in sentence "Taking every evidence in his control, now he can perfectly issue order." is
  1. they
  2. his
  3. he
  4. everything
Distributive pronoun in sentence "Each of my friend do not have enough money, but any way we remain happy." is
  1. each
  2. my
  3. we
  4. anyway
Singular subject pronoun in sentence "It started to rain, when we wanted to go to game." is
  1. we
  2. IT
  3. when
  4. to
Singular subject pronoun in sentences "I like to walk in rain for hours always change my mood and thinking because no one can see my tears." is
  1. my
  2. I
  3. no one
  4. can
Indefinite pronoun in sentence "Some people are born great. No one can stop them, they make their own path to achieve goal." is
  1. no one
  2. them
  3. some
  4. they
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