Class X

Subjective pronoun in sentence "choir practiced for last two hours, they practiced for party." is
  1. they
  2. for
  3. the
  4. last
Objective pronoun in sentence "Is every thing right with you?, Yes, I am fine." is
  1. I
  2. you
  3. everything
  4. with
Indefinite pronoun in sentence "Some people are born great. No one can stop them, they make their own path to achieve goal." is
  1. no one
  2. them
  3. some
  4. they
Relative pronoun in sentence "I met him who is found of playing piano. its really inspired me." is
  1. its
  2. who
  3. HIM
  4. I
Singular subject pronoun in sentence "It started to rain, when we wanted to go to game." is
  1. we
  2. IT
  3. when
  4. to
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