Class X

Gender division usually means
  1. biological difference between men and women.
  2. unequal roles assigned by the society to men and women.
  3. unequal child sex - ratio .
  4. absence of voting rights for women
Who among the following said that religion can never be separated from politics?
  1. Acharya Vinobha Bhave
  2. Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Sarojini Naidu
  4. Rajendra Prasad
Consider the following statements on the meaning of communal politics. Communal politics is based on the belief that: A. One religion is superior to that of others. B. People belonging to different religions can live together happily as equal citizens. C. Followers of a particular religion constitute one community. D. State power cannot be used to establish the domination of one religious group over others. Which of the statements is/are correct?
  1. A, B, C, and D
  2. A, B, and D
  3. A and C
  4. B and D
A person who does not discriminate others on the basis of religious beliefs is called?
  1. Communalist
  2. Secular
  3. Casteist
  4. Feminist
According to 2001 census the sex ratio in India was ________ .
  1. 1000 males 950 females
  2. 1000 males 850 Females
  3. 1000 males 927 females
  4. 1000 males 933 females
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