Class X

Displacement is a
  1. Scalar quantity
  2. Vector quantity
  3. Base quantity
  4. Derived quantity
SI unit of mass is
  1. Gram
  2. Kilogram
  3. Ton
  4. All of above
Statement related to process of evaporation that is incorrect is
  1. Evaporation occurs at any temperature
  2. Evaporation takes place within liquid
  3. Temperature may change during evaporation
  4. No bubbles are formed in liquid during evaporation
Magnitude of coefficient of viscosity is given by
  1. Frictional force ⁄ (area × velocity gradient)
  2. (Frictional force × velocity gradient) ⁄ area
  3. (Frictional force × area) ⁄ velocity gradient
  4. None of above
Density of a substance is defined as
  1. Its mass per unit volume
  2. Its mass per unit area
  3. Its volume per unit mass
  4. Its weight per unit volume
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