Class X

While moving from deep water to shallow water,
  1. Frequency of water waves decrease
  2. Frequency of water waves increase
  3. Frequency of water waves stays same
  4. None of above
Our eyes detect light in
  1. RGB form, Red Blue Green form
  2. ROYGBIV, rainbow color form
  3. The simple form of a particular color
  4. None of these ways
Energy in relevance to time is related to
  1. Efficiency
  2. Work
  3. Power
  4. Force
Total distance covered in total time taken is termed as
  1. Instantaneous speed
  2. Average speed
  3. Uniform speed
  4. Variable speed
A measuring tape can measure length more than a/an
  1. Meter
  2. Inch but less than a foot
  3. Foot but less than a meter
  4. Centimeter
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