Class X

In human kidneys, renal pelvis is also called
  1. base of urinary bladder
  2. base of urinary tract
  3. base of urethra
  4. base of ureter
Common example of hydrophytes is
  1. morning glory
  2. water lily
  3. cactus
  4. ladyfinger
In human kidneys, functional unit of kidneys is also classified as
  1. nephron
  2. neuron
  3. neutron
  4. neptron
In urine formation second step selective re-absorption, descending limb of loop is responsible for
  1. reabsorption of water
  2. reabsorption of salts
  3. reabsorption of white cells
  4. reabsorption of white cells
Considering concave side of human kidneys, depression near center is classified as
  1. pelvis
  2. medulla
  3. hilus
  4. cortex
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