Class X

Amount of thermal energy required to change state of 1 kg of object from liquid to gas or vice versa is termed as
  1. Specific Latent Heat of Fusion
  2. Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization
  3. Heat Capacity
  4. Specific Heat Capacity
Mass is related to weight by
  1. W = mv, where m is mass and v is velocity
  2. W = mg, where m is mass and g is gravitational pull
  3. W = vg, where v is velocity and g is gravitational pull
  4. W = da, where d is distance and a is acceleration
 If we decrease humidity in air, rate of evaporation would
  1. Increase
  2. Adecrease
  3. Remain same
  4. May increase or decrease
 Quantities that have magnitude with direction are termed as
  1. Scalar quantities
  2. Vector quantities
  3. Physical quantities
  4. Derived quantities
Atmospheric pressure is calculated by the
  1. Height of water column in barometer
  2. Height of mercury column in barometer
  3. Height of lime column in barometer
  4. Height of oil column in barometer
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