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Pair of two hollow cups is termed as
  1. Galileo hemispheres
  2. Isaac hemispheres
  3. Albert hemispheres
  4. Magdeburg hemispheres
Melting is change of state
  1. From solid to liquid with change in temperature of 25 °C
  2. From liquid to gas with change in temperature of 75 °C
  3. From liquid to gas without change in temperature
  4. From solid to liquid without change in temperature
State of equilibrium is when
  1. There is no opposing force
  2. There is no force acting on an object
  3. Object is moving in uniform speed
  4. B and C both
 SI unit of moment of force is
  1. N m-1
  2. N m
  3. J, where J is joules
  4. W, where W is watts
Provided that latent heat of fusion of a 5.4 kg block of ice has been provided by a heater of 1 kW for 1800 s, specific latent heat of fusion of ice would then be equal to
  1. 333 kJ ⁄ kg
  2. 340 kJ ⁄ kg
  3. 350 kJ ⁄ kg
  4. 360 kJ ⁄ kg
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