Class X

State of equilibrium is when
  1. There is no opposing force
  2. There is no force acting on an object
  3. Object is moving in uniform speed
  4. B and C both
 During evaporation process, thermal energy is used from
  1. Surface of liquid
  2. Surroundings
  3. Bottom through base
  4. Whole liquid
 SI unit of moment of force is
  1. N m-1
  2. N m
  3. J, where J is joules
  4. W, where W is watts
Melting is change of state
  1. From solid to liquid with change in temperature of 25 °C
  2. From liquid to gas with change in temperature of 75 °C
  3. From liquid to gas without change in temperature
  4. From solid to liquid without change in temperature
 A bus travels with a constant force of 5000 N and work done by bus is 2500 J, distance travelled by bus is
  1. 2 m
  2. 0.5 m
  3. 7500 m
  4. 2500 m
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