Class X

Chemical change does not take place in case of?
  1. souring of milk into curd
  2. rusting of iron in atmosphere
  3. burning of magnesium ribbon in air
  4. emitting of light by a red hot platinum wire
Glass is made of the mixture of ?
  1. quartz and mica
  2. sand and salt
  3. sand and silicates
  4. None of these
Wood is the main raw material for the manufacture of ?
  1. paint
  2. paper
  3. ink
  4. gun powder
In optics an object which has higher refractive index is called
  1. Optically rarer
  2. Optically denser
  3. Optical density
  4. Refractive index
The unit of power of lens is
  1. Metre
  2. Centimeter
  3. Diopter
  4. M-1
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