Class X

Question 2:  light travels fastest through which of the following materials?
  1. diamond
  2. water
  3. glass
  4. Air
Question 3:  How dose light normally travel?
  1. in concentric circles
  2. in a straight line
  3. always toward a dark area
  4. in a curved line
Question 2:  Nature of the image formed by a convex mirror is
  1. Real, inverted, diminished
  2. Virtual, erect, diminished
  3.  Real , inverted , enlarged
  4.  Virtual, erect, enlarged
Question 7:  In case of refraction through a glass slab
  1. Incident ray is parallel to the refracted ray
  2. Incident ray is parallel to the emergent ray
  3. Angle of incidence is equal to the angle of refraction
  4. Angle of refraction is equal to the angle of emergence
Question 8:  which type of mirror produces an image that is always erect , always the same height as the object , and always virtual ?
  1. convex
  2. concave
  3. planc
  4. none of this
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