Class X

Question 7:  Mirror that can be chosen to view a tall building in a small mirror is
  1. Plane mirror
  2. Concave mirror
  3. Convex mirror
  4.  Plano-Convex mirror
Question 8:  which type of mirror produces an image that is always erect , always the same height as the object , and always virtual ?
  1. convex
  2. concave
  3. planc
  4. none of this
Question 6:  An object AB is placed in front of a convex Lens at its principal focus The image will be formed at
  1. focus
  2. beyond C
  3. Between F & C
  4. infinity
Question 9:  How dose light normally travel?
  1. in concentric circles
  2. in a straight line
  3. always toward a dark area
  4. in a curved line
Question 4:  Coin placed in a bowl when seen from a place just disappears. When water is poured into the bowl without disturbing the coin , the coin
  1. Will not be seen
  2. Appears above the water surface
  3. Becomes visible again
  4.  Appears very much deep inside the water
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