Class X

In all the electrical appliances, the switches are put in the
  1. live wire
  2. earth wire
  3. neutral wire
  4. All of these
What is electromagnetic induction?
  1. the process of charging a body
  2. The process of rotating a coil of an electric motor
  3. producing induced current in a coil due to relative motion between a magnet and the coil
  4. The process of generating magnetic field due to a current passing through a coil.
The core of electromagnet is
  1. soft iron
  2. nickel
  3. steel
  4. copper
  SI unit of magnetic field strength is
  1. Oersted
  2. Ampere
  3. Volt
  4. Ohm
An electric charge in uniform motion produces:
  1. an electric field only
  2. a magnetic field only
  3. both electric and magnetic fields
  4. no such field at all
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