Class X

Field inside a solenoid is:
  1. directly proportional to its length
  2. directly proportional to current
  3. inversely proportional to number of turns
  4. inversely proportional to current
What happens to the current in short circuit?
  1. reduces substantially
  2. does not change
  3. increases heavily
  4. vary continuously
The magnetic field lines inside a solenoid is in the form of :
  1. Curved line
  2. circular lines
  3. Zig -zag lines
  4. parallel straight lines
A current is passed through a straight wire. The magnetic field established around it has its lines of force:
  1. circular and endless
  2. oval in shape and endless
  3. straight lines
  4. all of the above
 The process of Inducing current in a coil of wire by placing it in a region of changing magnetic field is
  1. Electrical effect
  2. Heating effect of current
  3. Magnetic effect of current
  4. Electromagnetic induction
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