Class X

Stages of nitrogen cycles includes
  1. assimilation
  2. denitrification
  3. formation of nitrates
  4. all of above
Excess burning of fossil fuels leads to increased carbon dioxide which results in
  1. greenhouse effect
  2. global warming
  3. both a and c
  4. environmental problem
In biosphere, principal decomposers are
  1. birds
  2. grasshoppers
  3. protozoan
  4. fungi and bacteria
Law which states that energy is only transformed from one state into another and it is never destroyed nor created is called
  1. law of momentum
  2. law of nuclear fission
  3. law of kinematics
  4. law of thermodynamics
Example of parasitic plant is
  1. venus fly trap
  2. Cactus
  3. Eucalyptus
  4. Cuscuta
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