Class X

Animals in food chain that are available in abundance are present at the
  1. middle of food chain
  2. center of biomass pyramid
  3. beginning of food chain
  4. end of the food chain
Types of ecological pyramids are
  1. pyramid of biomass
  2. pyramid of numbers
  3. pyramid of primary consumers
  4. all of above
Organism on which predators are fed is called
  1. assimilator
  2. competitor
  3. prey
  4. predators
Kind of parasitism in which whole life of parasites are spend as parasites is called
  1. permanent parasitism
  2. temporary mutualism
  3. permanent mutualism
  4. temporary parasitism
Process of conversion of oxides of nitrogen into nitric acid and then into nitrates is classified as
  1. atmospheric oxygen fixation
  2. atmospheric nitrogen fixation
  3. biological nitrogen fixation
  4. biological oxygen fixation
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