Class X

An electric iron is rated at 1000 W. amount of heat generated in 15 minutes is equal to
  1. 66.67 J
  2. 15 kJ
  3. 900 kJ
  4. None of above
Objects that produce their own light are called
  1. Luminous objects
  2. Non-luminous objects
  3. Transparent objects
  4. Opaque objects
Reverse process that involves changing a liquid to a solid is known as
  1. Melting
  2. Boiling
  3. Condensation
  4. Solidification
Steam point is a point on which
  1. Mercury boils
  2. Water boils
  3. Steam condenses
  4. Ice melts
Given that both liquid A and liquid B exert same amount of pressure, what would be height of column of liquid A if density of liquid A is twice density of liquid B and height of column of liquid B is 10 cm?
  1. 5 cm
  2. 10 cm
  3. 20 cm
  4. None of above
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