Class X

All of the following are functions of the nervous system EXCEPT
  1. senses changes
  2. analyzes changes
  3. stores calcium
  4. responses to changes.
The neuroglia that produce myelin sheaths around axons in the peripheral nervous system are
  1. Schwann cells
  2. oligodendrocytes
  3. microglia
  4. astroctyes.
The junction between two nerve cells is called
  1. neuromuscular junction
  2. neuroglandular junction
  3. gap junction
  4. synapse.
Processes that carry nerve impulses away from the cell body are called
  1. axons
  2. synapses
  3. myelin sheaths
  4. dendrites
The different charge between the outside and the inside of a neuron at rest is called
  1. action potential
  2. synaptic potential
  3. resting membrane potential
  4. equilibrium potential.
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