Class X

Every temperature measuring instrument makes use of a physical property of a substance in order to measure temperature objectively, which physical property is used by resistance thermometer?
  1. Electromotive force
  2. Resistance of a piece of metal
  3. Volume of a fixed mass of liquid
  4. Pressure of a fixed mass of gas atonstant volume
Two points on same line at same distance and speed are said to be in
  1. Parallel
  2. Phase
  3. Displacement
  4. Pair
If air at a pressure of 1 MPa is compressed such that new volume of air is one quarter of its initial volume, then new pressure of air is
  1. 1 M Pa
  2. 0.25 M Pa
  3. 2 M Pa
  4. 4 M Pa
Amount of matter in a body is termed as
  1. Weight
  2. Force
  3. Mass
  4. Tension
From physics point of view, work is being done by
  1. A man carrying a heavy pile of books in a stationary position
  2. A boy rote learning for his physics exam
  3. A girl working on her Math homework
  4. None of them
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