Class X

Identify the wrong sequence of the elements in a group
  1. Ca, Br, Ba
  2. Cu, Au, Ag
  3. N,P, As
  4. Cl, Br, I
Group 17 elements are also called as
  1. Alkali Metals
  2. Alkaline Earth Metals
  3. Halogens
  4. Noble Gases
When we move from left to right across a period, the electron affinity
  1. approaches zero
  2. remains the same
  3. decreases
  4. increases
Identify the group which is not a Dobereiner triad
  1. Li, Na, K
  2. Be, Mg, Cr
  3. Ca, Sr, Ba
  4. Cl, Br, I
The law of triads is not applicable on
  1. Cl, Br, I
  2. S, Se, Te
  3. Na, K, Rb
  4. Ca, Sr, Ba
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