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3.Scientists found that the continents were moving apart from each other due to magma rising out of mid-ocean ridges, and they called this
  1. sea floor spreading
  2. sea floor rising
  3. changing sea floor
  4. underwater volcanos
8. Plate tectonics is our current theory of how the movement of continental masses relates to the movement of ocean basins. This movement explains many phenomena, such as
  1. earthquakes
  2. earthquakes
  3. weather patterns
  4. all of the above
10. Volcanoes occur in similar locations to earthquakes, and are common along plate boundaries. Sixty percent of volcanoes occur surrounding the Pacific Ocean, a location called
  1. "the hot zone"
  2. "the Ring of Fire"
  3. "the Volcano Zone"
  4. ,
9. Plate margins are places where much activity occurs. Earthquakes occur, for example, along convergent margins, where plates are
  1. moving apart
  2. sliding past each other
  3. colliding
  4. collafi
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