Class X

The USA and UK are examples of :
  1. One-party system
  2. Two-party system
  3. Three-party system
  4. Multi-party system
The condition for a political party to be recognized as a national party is:
  1. It must secure at least 6 percent of total votes in Lok Sabha elections or Assembly elections in four states.
  2. It must win at least 4 seats in the Lok Sabha
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these
The concept of Hindutwa was adopted by
  1. Bharathiya Janata Party
  2. Communist Party of India
  3. Indian National Congress
  4. Bahujan Samaj Party
The rise of political parties can be linked directly to the emergence of
  1. Representative Democracy
  2. Constitutional Monarchy
  3. Direct Democracies
  4. Polyarchy
Which one of the following is a better way of carrying out political reforms in a democratic country?
  1. The legal changes
  2. The constitutional changes
  3. The empowerment of people
  4. The legislation for reforms
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