Class X

Potential energy and kinetic energy are types of
  1. Electrical energy
  2. Magnetic energy
  3. Thermal energy
  4. Mechanical energy
Formula of force is
  1. F = P/A, where P is pressure and A is area
  2. F = ms, where m is mass and s is speed
  3. F = ma, where m is mass and a is acceleration
  4. F = m/v, where m is mass and v is velocity
Reference to ability of an object to return to its original position after it has been tilted slightly is termed as
  1. Stability
  2. Equilibrium
  3. Centre of gravity
  4. Turning effect
 As we have learnt that Moment of force is F × d, so formula for weight in relevance to moment of force will be
  1. mg × d
  2. mg/d
  3. mg + d
  4. mg - d
A pure substance would freeze or solidify at its
  1. Boiling point
  2. Condensation point
  3. Melting point
  4. Sublimation point
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