Class X

Fusion of female and male gametes results into
  1. diploid zygote
  2. diploid spores
  3. haploid spores
  4. diploid spores
Type of asexual reproduction in which in which new plants are developed by vegetative parts of plants such as stems, leaves and roots are called
  1. vegetative propagation
  2. diploid vegetation
  3. haploid vegetation
  4. fragmented vegetation
In rhizomes, lower surface is responsible for production of
  1. adventitious shoots
  2. adventitious buds
  3. adventitious roots
  4. adventitious stems
Endosperm nucleus of flower is developed into the
  1. seed cell
  2. endosperm embryo
  3. endosperm nucleus
  4. endosperm tissue
Point on seed coat from where seed is attached to wall of ovaries is called
  1. pollens
  2. hilum
  3. sporangium duct
  4. ovule duct
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