Class X

Specific heat capacity of a substance is equal to
  1. Mass of substance × heat capacity
  2. Heat capacity ⁄ mass of substance
  3. Mass of substance ⁄ heat capacity
  4. None of above
Point through which its whole weight appears to act for any orientation of object is termed as
  1. mid-point of gravity
  2. Center of gravity
  3. Stable equilibrium
  4. Neutral equilibrium
"Virtual image is upright", this statement is
  1. Right
  2. Wrong
  3. May be right or may be wrong
  4. Neither right nor wrong
Density is a
  1. Scalar quantity
  2. Vector quantity
  3. Base quantity
  4. Derived quantity
If boiling point of an object is high, then rate of evaporation would be
  1. Slower
  2. Faster
  3. Normal
  4. Zero
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