Class X

GDP is the total value of:
  1. all goods and services
  2. all final goods and services
  3. all intermediate goods and services
  4. all intermediate and final goods and services
Workers enjoy job security in :
  1. Agriculture Sector
  2. Private Sector
  3. Unorganised Secto
  4. Organised Sector
Which one of the following activities can be included in the primary sector?
  1. Giving loans to the farmer
  2. Making Sugar from sugar cane
  3. Cultivating sugar cane
  4. Providing storage facility for the grains
Which of the following was the objective of NREGA 2005 ?
  1. To control the unorganized sector in rural areas.
  2. To provide 100 days employment in a year by the government.
  3. To control the flow of money from private sector to public sector
  4. None of the above.
Which of the following economic activity is not in the tertiary sector?
  1. Banking
  2. Bee-keeping
  3. Teaching
  4. Working in a call centre
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