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Formula for pressure in liquids is
  1. p = hPg, where h is height, P is density and g is gravity
  2. p = Pg/h, where P is density, g is gravity and is height
  3. p = hg/P, where h is height, g is gravity and P is density
  4. p = hP/g, where h is height, P is density and g is gravity
Every liquid is a poor conductor of electricity instead of
  1. Molten steel
  2. Molten iron
  3. Molten mercury
  4. Molten copper
Reason, why are cooking utensils made up of aluminum or stainless steel is
  1. They are good absorbers of heat
  2. They are good emitters of heat
  3. They are bad absorbers of heat
  4. They are bad emitters of heat
 If there is an object of 50 grams and another object of 150 grams. total mass would be
  1. 100 grams
  2. 7500 grams
  3. 200 grams
  4. 300 grams
 Thermocouple thermometer has a wide range from
  1. −1000 °C to 1000 °C
  2. −s100 °C to 1500 °C
  3. −150 °C to 2000 °C
  4. −200 °C to 1500 °C
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