Class X

The Pritchard family is the _________________ family in the country.
  1. Wealthiest
  2. Friendliest
  3. Most conceited
  4. Meanest
Billy goes ______________________ and becomes __________________ hunter.
  1. Racoon crazy and becomes an unsuccessful hunter.
  2. Into the woods and becomes a lost hunter.
  3. Racoon hunting crazy and becomes a successful hunter.
  4. Into the woods and becomes a crazy hunter.
What did Mama make out the pelt of the first raccoon Billy brought home?
  1. A pair of pants
  2. A cap
  3. A pair of gloves
  4. A shirt
What is the price range for raccoon pelts?
  1. 4 to 10 dollars
  2. 5 to 11 dollars
  3. 3 to 9 dollars
  4. 2 to 8 dollars
Why did the other hunters tease Billy?
  1. They thought he was too young to be hunting alone.
  2. They thought he was bringing in too few pelts.
  3. They thought his dogs were small.
  4. They thought he bragged too much about his dogs.
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