Class XI

 Helium (He) is not an inert gas because
  1. It is chemically very reactive
  2. It lacks a full shell of valence electrons
  3. Both A and B
  4. It has no electrons
Hydrogen Chloride gas (HCl(g)) dissolved in Methylbenzene (C7H8) is not acidic because
  1. iIt is ionic in nature
  2. It has ample free hydrogen ions
  3. It has no free hydrogen ions
  4. It can easily form hydroxonium ions
Carbon-12 is chosen as standard atom because
  1. It is found in most organic compounds
  2. It is decomposable in nature
  3. Mass of 12 units has been measured very accurately
  4. Carbon is most common element
H2SO3 is formula of
  1. Sulfatic acid
  2. Ulfuric acid
  3. Sulfourous acid
  4. Sulfite acid
Element is made up of
  1. Particles
  2. Matter
  3. Isotopes
  4. Atoms
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