Class XI

Anatomy of stem differ from root in
  1. Stem hairs, absence of chloroplast an broad cortex
  2. Secondary vascular growth, presence of stomata and absence of pericycle
  3. Cutinised epidermal wall, conjoint vascular bundle and narrow cortex
  4. Xylem exarch, vascular bundle radial and narrow cortex
Lacunate collenchyma occurs in stem of
  1. Leucas
  2. Cucurbita
  3. Sunflower
  4. Sambucus
Reticulate veination is characteristic in
  1. Isobilateral leaves
  2. Monocotyledonous leaves
  3. Dicotyledonous leaves
  4. Dorsiventral leaves
The casparian thickening occurs in the cells of
  1. Endodermis of stem
  2. Endodermis of root
  3. Pericycle of stem
  4. Pericycle of root
Jute fibers deteriorate because they have
  1. Low cellulose
  2. Low lignin
  3. High cellulose
  4. High lignin
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