Class XI

Which phylum has balance organs?
  1. Phylum Aschelminthes
  2. Phylum Platyhelminthes
  3. Phylum Annelida
  4. Phylum Arthropoda
In Coelenterates, the cell shows
  1. Cellular level of organisation
  2. Organ system level of organisation
  3. Organ level of organisation
  4. Tissue level of organisation
One animal that does not perform locomotion is
  1. Sycon
  2. Euglena
  3. Nereis
  4. Sepia
Which one of the following group of animals is correctly matched with its characteristics without any exception?
  1. Chordates possess a mouth with an upper and lower jaw
  2. Reptila possess 3-chambered heart with incompletely divided ventricle
  3. Mammalia give birth to young ones
  4. Chondrichthyes possess cartilaginous endoskeleton
The endoskeleton is fully ossified and the long bones are pneumatic in
  1. Class Mammalia
  2. Class Aves
  3. Class Amphibia
  4. Class Reptilia
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