Class XI

Housefly maggots move
  1. Towards light
  2. Away from light
  3. Into soil
  4. Perpendicular to ground
Loss of control of hand and feet occurs due to
  1. Lead poisoning (Pb)
  2. Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  3. Nitrogen oxide (NO)
  4. Carbon dioxide (CO2)
 In an ecological community, change in one member
  1. Affects other population of community
  2. Does not affect other populations
  3. Affects other ecosystems
  4. Affects other communities
Together, HCl (Hydrochloric Acid), rennin and pepsin form the
  1. Bile juice
  2. Pancreatic juice
  3. Gastric juice
  4. Intestinal juice
Ecological niche refers to the
  1. How an organism fits in environment
  2. How an organism depends on various organisms
  3. How an organism adapts a new environment
  4. Both A and B
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