Class XI

Persons lower metabolic rate may be due to
  1. Fact that he is a child
  2. A decrease in saliva amylase
  3. Fact he lives in tropic climate
  4. Low production of thyroxin
Food chain and food web is made up of
  1. Trophic levels
  2. Ecological niche
  3. Ecological community
  4. Community
More light can be absorbed near leaf surface due to
  1. More chloroplast in upper epidermis
  2. More chloroplast in lower epidermis
  3. More chloroplasts in stomata
  4. More chloroplasts in upper palisade tissues
 Sight or smell of food causing dilation is an example of
  1. Relay neurons
  2. Reflex actions
  3. Involuntary actions
  4. Voluntary actions
  1. Insulates myelin sheath
  2. Sinks down at node of Ranvier
  3. Is a bundle of nerve fiber
  4. All of these
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