Class XI

In which class of fungi the mushroom belongs to
  1. Ascomycetes
  2. Deuteromycetes
  3. Phycomycetes
  4. Basidiomycetes
When a fresh water protozoan is placed in marine water
  1. The contractile vacuole disappear
  2. Number of contractile vacuole increases
  3. The contractile vacuole increase in size
  4. The contractile vacuole remain same
The genetic material of virus is
  1. Only DNA
  2. Either DNA or RNA
  3. Both DNA and RNA
  4. Only RNA
Plants complete their life cycle in two phase, saprophytic and gametophytic which occurs alternately called
  1. Change in phases
  2. Alternation of generation
  3. None of these
  4. Alternation of diploid and haploid
Which is the possible region of respiration in bacteria
  1. Nucleoid
  2. Mitochondria
  3. Mesosome
  4. Cell wall
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