Class XI

The plant cells differ from animal cells in
  1. Having chloroplast and mitochondria
  2. None of these
  3. Having cell wall and chloroplast
  4. Having cell membrane and golgibodies
In fungus, food reserves is
  1. Lipid
  2. Phosphoglceride
  3. Glucose and fat
  4. Glycogen and fat
Who demonstrated that the extract of the infected plants of tobacco could cause infection in healthy plants?
  1. Pasteur
  2. M.W.Beijerinek
  3. W.M.Stanley
  4. D.J.Ivanowsky
In which class of fungi the mushroom belongs to
  1. Ascomycetes
  2. Deuteromycetes
  3. Phycomycetes
  4. Basidiomycetes
When a fresh water protozoan is placed in marine water
  1. The contractile vacuole disappear
  2. Number of contractile vacuole increases
  3. The contractile vacuole increase in size
  4. The contractile vacuole remain same
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